Smart Snacks In School

Smart Snacks in School

The USDA implemented the Smart Snacks in Schools regulations prior to the 2014-15 school year. This rule requires that all food and beverage items sold during the school day meet very specific food and nutrition standards, just like school breakfast and lunch. Smart Snack standards apply to any food sold in competition with the standard school meals provided each day.

To complement the standard reimbursable school meal, a la carte items (i.e. Smart Snacks, water, milk, extra servings of fruit, vegetables, or entrees) are offered daily. We support parents decisions to allow or not allow their student to purchase these items. If you wish to limit your child’s purchase of a la carte offerings, this can be done by logging into your School Café account or by completing the form below and returning it to your school’s Kitchen Manager.

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The USDA has published a fact sheet with specific information regarding Smart Snacks and can be found here: Smart Snacks Facts

Food Fundraisers In Schools

Food based fundraisers in schools are subject to the nutrition standards established by the Smart Snacks regulations.

  • There is no limit to the number of non-food based fundraisers.

  • There is no limit to the number of food based fundraisers when the food being sold meets Smart Snacks requirements and is not sold 30 minutes before or after school meal periods.

  • The Colorado Department of Education will allow three (3) food based fundraisers exempt from the Smart Snack guidelines per school year; however, these exempt fundraisers cannot occur 30 minutes before, during, or after meal service periods.

  • These rules do not apply to food fundraisers that are sold outside of the normal school day and for foods that are meant to be consumed outside of school.