District Wellness Policy

Healthy Schools

For the most up to date information about Health and Wellness in Jeffco Schools, please visit the Healthy Schools site.

Wellness Policy and Guidelines

In June 2017, the Jeffco Board of Education adopted a new federally-required Local Wellness Policy.

This policy impacts health and wellness in Jeffco Schools, with specific improvements to nutrition standards related to marketing, and foods offered (not sold) to students.

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Recursos de alimentaciĆ³n compartidos por familias ysalones de clase (En espaƱol)

See Wellness Policy Guidelines for details and implementation guidance

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In summary, the new standards will include:
  • Holiday Celebrations- Offer at least half "healthier" food options (using the district definition of healthier or your one customized by your school).

  • Birthdays- Starting in SY 2018/19, birthday recognition/celebrations should not include shared food (e.g. food brought in by families for students to share).

  • Rewards- Do not offer food as a reward for behavior or academic performance, unless approved as a need by school leadership.

Wellness-Related District Policies (Located on Jeffco Board Docs)

Local Wellness Policy (Includes Celebrations, Rewards, Fundraising and Physical Activity)
Health Education (Overall, ATOD Education, and Sexual Health Education)
Tobacco (Staff and Students)
Alcohol and Drug (Staff and Students)
Bully Prevention
Jeffco's Bully Policy: Visit #lifewithouthate
Jeffco's Bully Prevention Policy in Youth-Friendly Language

Sample School-Level Wellness Policy Language for the following topics
  • Rewards

  • Birthdays

  • Celebrations

  • Snacks

  • Fundraising

  • Withholding Recess/PE