Special Diets

The Food and Nutrition Services Department for Jefferson County Public Schools provides meals to the district's 69,000 plus students through participation in the USDA National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.

At Jeffco we prioritize student’s health. Meals are planned to be in compliance with all USDA rules and regulations while striving to provide a variety of new and favorite food products. Students and families can use our Lunch Menus and select for allergies to see foods that contain specific ingredients.

USDA regulations 7 CFR Part 15b allows us to make modifications to the menu plan if your child has a medical need or disability that affects a major life activity. Accommodations may include an alert for the cashier at point of service, menu modifications, and/or substitute food items as needed. These accommodations are made only when the Meal Modification process outlined below is completed and you receive communication from the District Dietitian.

If your child has a medical need or disability that requires a meal modification, please use the form below: “Medical Statement for Meal Modification”. Once this form is completed by a recognized medical provider, please send it to your student's school nurse or to the District Dietitian at meal.modifications@jeffco.k12.co.us or fax: 303-982-6704 so we can accommodate the needs of your student. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. If you have further questions, please reach out to the District Dietitian at 303-982-6738.

Please refer to the document below:

Medical Statement for Meal Modification

Discontinuation Form